refunded sentence in Hindi

"refunded" meaning in Hindi  


  1. The method involves " pre-refunded " bonds.
  2. If a request cannot be filled, money will be refunded.
  3. Coverdell said he refunded the company the net amount this year.
  4. Those profits, it said, should be refunded to customers.
  5. It can also be refunded, minus a small penalty fee.
  6. The car deposit would be refunded once a person leaves Mexico.
  7. Samuel said $ 52, 281 was refunded to defrauded customers.
  8. Anyone who bought $ 20 tickets will be refunded the difference.
  9. An additional 69.95 was refunded for the review lessons.
  10. Agergaard said her next battle will be getting the fines refunded.
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