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  1. Connections youth also took three times longer to recidivate than those in the comparison group.
  2. Long term imprisonment with the intention to incapacitate is often used by criminal justice systems against recidivate.
  3. Furthermore, inmates who receive aftercare ( treatment after imprisonment ) have an even greater chance of not recidivating.
  4. Dealing with drugs is more likely for the individual to be recidivated and go back to jail within three years.
  5. Basically, state officials are saying it's OK for people to recidivate, as long as it's not on their watch ."
  6. Findings indicate psychopathic prisoners have a 2.5 time higher probability of being released from jail than undiagnosed ones, even though they are more likely to recidivate.
  7. No statistically significant differences in sex crime rearrest rates over a 4-year followup period were found, as 19 percent of the extensive notification group sexually recidivated, compared to 12 percent for the limited notification group.
  8. In his 2004 article, Steven Levitt attributes part of the decline in the crime rate seen beginning in the mid-1990s to the inability of inmates to recidivate as sentences for crimes, especially for repeat offenders, had been greatly increased.
  9. In a 4.3-year followup, the registry group sexually recidivated ( defined as a new sex crime conviction ) at a rate of 3 percent, compared to the nonregistry group's 3.5-percent recidivism rate.
  10. The study found that the sex offenders subject to SORN sexually recidivated ( defined as a new Washington state conviction for a felony sex crime ) at a 2-percent rate, while the pre-SORN group recidivated at a 7-percent rate.
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