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  1. Puissant worked closely with draftsman Ren?Sim Lacaze for the next twenty years.
  2. This is nearly 700 Ft-lbs more than the puissant . 454 Casull.
  3. The affiliation is intended to help advertisers exploit the puissant potentials inherent in entertainment marketing.
  4. It was a rare and puissant individual who became a Yammaiamma or Nurrullurrulla ( Sorcerer ).
  5. Les vicomtes de Thouars sont �galement puissants dans les pays d'Herbauges et de Tiffauges.
  6. In 1882 the rector, Rev A . Puissant built a presbytery on the same site.
  7. Implicit in the trust theme, made more puissant by being unspoken : Trust the candidate who trusts you.
  8. The unit, his most troublesome sore spot, must attempt to halt the Bucs'puissant pass rush.
  9. No one would argue that it will take the best players the Knicks have to beat the puissant Pacers.
  10. Afterwards, the king asks Roger if his puissant warriors could kill all of his guards in the room.
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