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  1. They had not counted on the pugnacity of King Louis XI.
  2. His prose and conversation were marked by bluntness and pugnacity.
  3. Zangwill praised Roth for his  poetry and pugnacity . 
  4. Always outspoken, sometimes irascible, Cannon earned a reputation for pugnacity.
  5. Durocher died in 1991, but his audacity and pugnacity got passed along.
  6. Of course, the old pugnacity is still there.
  7. Bush said, confronting European skeptics with more than a touch of pugnacity.
  8. Director Michael Mann has a reputation for pugnacity.
  9. They singled out Team Canada Assistant Coach John Ferguson for his " pugnacity ".
  10. He also tied human emotions, especially anger and pugnacity, to religious faith.
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