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  1. All tested members of Heterodontosauridae form a polytomy.
  2. However, other parts of the tree lost much resolution creating a large polytomy of large groups above Erythrosuchidae.
  3. Instead, erpetosuchids formed a polytomy or unresolved evolutionary relationship at the base of Archosauria along with several other groups.
  4. "Neuquenraptor " was assigned by Novas and Pol to the Dromaeosauridae in a polytomy with several dromaeosaurid taxa.
  5. These species form a polytomy including " Glossodoris baumanni " and three clades of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific chromodorids.
  6. A phylogenetic analysis places both species in a polytomy with " Gualosuchus " as the most advanced members of Proterochampsia.
  7. Such studies have so far revealed almost nothing about relationships within the genus, placing nearly all of the sampled species in a large polytomy.
  8. In a * strict consensus, * only nodes found in every tree are shown, and the rest are collapsed into an unresolved polytomy.
  9. Different lineages exist that are apparently not stable in space and time, are best described as polytomy, from which the similar island taxa derive.
  10. After " Aetosaurus ", there is a polytomy of three smaller clades in which it is unknown which clade diverged first from the group.
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