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  1. Some of these publications are listed in articles on the Rasch model and Polytomous Rasch model.
  2. The polytomous Rasch model specialises to the model for dichotomous data when responses are classifiable into only two categories.
  3. Another class of models apply to " polytomous " outcomes, where each response has a different score value.
  4. If the key has several choices it is described as " polychotomous " or " polytomous ".
  5. Andrich ( 1978, 2005 ) shows that the polytomous Rasch model requires that these dichotomous responses conform with a latent Guttman response subspace:
  6. In addition, the polytomous Rasch model permits testing of the hypothesis that the statements reflect increasing levels of an attitude or trait, as intended.
  7. The use of the term polychotomous is also in common usage in the prior research literature; however, polytomous is the more technically correct spelling.
  8. The nested style is problematic with polytomous keys, where each key must be scanned to the end to verify that no further leads exist within a couplet.
  9. While Mokken scaling analysis was originally developed to measure the extent to which individual dichotomous items form a scale, it has since been extended for polytomous items.
  10. Categorical variables with more than two possible values are called "'polytomous variables "'; categorical variables are often assumed to be polytomous unless otherwise specified.
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