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  1. Analysis on effect of pituitrin combined with nitroglycerin on hemoptysis caused by bronchiectasis
  2. The effect of infrared moxibustion on bradycardia and myocardial ischemia of rabbit produced by pituitrin
  3. Clinical observation on pituitrin combinded with nitroglycerin treating hemoptysis caused by pulmonary tuberculosis
  4. Conclusion : effect of stilamin combined with pituitrin is similar to that of stilamin alone in the treatment of evvh
  5. Comparative study of curative effect of pituitrin used singly contrasted with it used combining phentolamine on hemorrhage of esophagofundus vein
  6. Results : difference between combined treatment group and pituitrin group was not significant , but that between combined treatment group and pituitrin significant
  7. Objective : to observe the difference of therapeutic effects among stilamin combined with pituitrin or one of both alone to treat esophageal varicose vein hemorrhage ( evvh )
  8. Methods : 66 patients with evvh were divided into three groups : combined treatment group ( stilamin combined with pituitrin ) , stilamin group , and pituitrin group among which contrast study was carried out
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