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  1. Further convergence may lead to overthrusting of the volcanic arc assemblage and may be followed by flipping the subduction polarity.
  2. Geodetic measurements show periodic reversals in the motion ( i . e ., westward movement ) of the overthrusting North American Plate.
  3. They represent the inner continental shelf on the southern edge of pre-Alpine Europe and they were not affected by the folding and overthrusting processes of the Alpine Orogeny until relatively late.
  4. A large low-angle thrust cuts the gneiss, schist and marble sequence at the south-west corner of the island, probably indicating an overthrusting of the Serbomacedonian Massif onto the Rodope Massif.
  5. "' Obduction "'was originally defined by Coleman to mean the overthrusting of oceanic lithosphere onto continental lithosphere at a convergent plate boundary where continental lithosphere is being subducted beneath oceanic lithosphere.
  6. As with the original, the excitable bikes come equipped with a finite amount of " turbo, " which will overheat and stall a motor if overused, making for some strategically selected high-speed overthrusting.
  7. Such changes include the thickening of the lithosphere by overthrusting, changes in rock density of the lithosphere caused by metamorphism or thermal expansion and contraction, increases in the volume of the asthenosphere ( part of the upper mantle supporting the lithosphere ) caused by hydration of olivine, and orogenic, or mountain-building, movements.
  8. The overthrusting also tilted the pre-Cretaceous sedimentary rock formations underlying most of the sub-surface of Alberta, sand-silt-shale deposits overlain by thick shales, although large amounts of heavy oil lighter than bitumen are found in the Heavy Oil Belt along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, extending into Saskatchewan and approaching the Montana border.
  9. However, in principle, there is nothing incompatible between expansion, on a global scale, and subduction, on a local, or, regional scale, as discussed in detail by Andrew Kugler, who described the difference between subduction and overthrusting, which he argued can be discerned based on tectonic mapping, a distinction that is not generally recognized by most geoscientists.
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