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  1. Watkins conceded that the book  had been grudgingly and meanly reviewed.
  2. It is a clumsily written, meanly written article about a defenseless father,
  3. She would criticize herself really meanly sometimes.
  4. We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last, best hope of earth ."
  5. Any view through that meanly constructed window would be more pleasing than the hideous room behind
  6. It was like the household of some meanly penitential pastor : all grace and no meal.
  7. Other men receive dignity from dress, but my booby looks always more meanly for his finery.
  8. The process has discouraged presidents from casually proposing fools or knaves and the Senate from blackballing nominees meanly.
  9. In marked contrast to his youthful bond with the wolf, he shoos the dog away angrily, meanly.
  10. But now we must, or we shall meanly lose " the last, best hope on earth ."
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