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  1. The good causes funding is distributed by the Manx Lottery Trust.
  2. The Manx Loaghtan sheep is a breed native to the island.
  3. The coroner of Glenfaba reads the laws in Manx . }}
  4. The island was once the home of puffins and Manx shearwater.
  5. Many others followed including the ever popular Meyers Manx . design.
  6. Maughold IV, a Manx runestone displaying a contemporary sailing vessel.
  7. Maybe it is owned by the Manx government, or something.
  8. The college offers study of the Manx language at most levels.
  9. Manx people have also made a significant contribution elsewhere through migration.
  10. He helped teams during 41 Manx Weeks and 34 Girvan Internationals.
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