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  1. Manganin ohm in the United States from 1901 to 1990.
  2. He invented two alloys, constantan and manganin.
  3. Other constant-resistance alloys include manganin [ Cu86Mn12Ni2 ], Cupron [ Cu53Ni44Mn3 ] and Evanohm.
  4. Other alloys with similarly low temperature coefficients are known, such as manganin ( Cu 86 Mn 12 Ni 2 ).
  5. Manganin wire is also used as an electrical conductor in cryogenic systems, minimizing heat transfer between points which need electrical connections.
  6. After taking on food and ammunition at Mindoro, " Twiggs " briefly ran antisubmarine patrol off the entrance of Manganin Bay.
  7. The Thomas-type double manganin walled shunt and MI type ( improved Thomas-type design ) were used until the 1990s by NIST and other government labs as the legal reference of an ohm until the advent of the quantum Hall effect.
  8. Fleetwood, Vormance and others of the Expedition are given a tour of the control cabin of the " Inconvenience ", which is full of scientific gear including Manganin resistance-boxes, a Tesla coil, a Poulsen's Telegraphone and more.
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