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  1. My grandfather invented the fist machanical broadhead.
  2. He said the five diploma programmes are Computer Science, Information and Communication Engineering, Machanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Civil Engineering.
  3. Well I'm curious if the mechanisms by which a small puny fish survives while machanical behemoths may fail have been understood.
  4. Its business is a combination of oil and gas exploration and development, fine chemicals manufacturing, construction operation, machanical engineering, multi-industry production and social services.
  5. A machanical system that utualizes fluid dynamics to create a source of energy, to generate electricity to pumping large amounts of water for irrigation etc . These systems can be utualized anywhere a gravitational force is available.
  6. So my question is, why hasn't somebody easily combined the advantages of both by putting a regular manual transmission in the car, and then make all of the clutching and shifting done completely automatically by a computer and some electro-machanical robotic arm ?!
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