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  1. Linda Celeste Sims was simultaneously partnered by Amos J . Machanic, Jr ., and Clyde Archer.
  2. Bill Machanic, of WSI Corp ., said, " We would love for them to point at us ."
  3. Amos J . Machanic Jr . and Brown were Fisher-Harrell's attendants in choreography that built to a striking apotheosis.
  4. Amos Machanic Jr ., was the adult he grew into, dreaming of his boyhood sweetheart, his mother and his wife.
  5. The elegant cast was completed by Asha Thomas, Troy O'Neil Powell, Cheryl Ann Rowley, Amos J . Machanic Jr ., Briana Reed and Askia Swift.
  6. "Innate Properties " was performed by Lakey Evans and Marie Muriel, Repertory Ensemble dancers, and Gerodias and Amos Machanic Jr ., who have graduated into the senior company.
  7. Machanic offered an eloquent performance of " I Want to Be Ready " and Bernard Gaddis, Rushing and Troy Powell tore the house down in " Sinner Man ."
  8. Rushing deserves better, but his elegance and cool urgency were impressive, in a strong cast that included Nasha Thomas-Schmitt, Bernard Gaddis, Linda-Denise Evans, Amos Machanic and Guillermo Asca.
  9. Jeffrey Gerodias and Amos Machanic Jr ., members of the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble who are clearly destined for major dance careers, sizzled their way through a high-flying duet from Ailey's " Streams ."
  10. Its constant bombardments of steps were danced with awesome force by Linda Caceres, Linda-Denise Evans, Dwana Adiaha Smallwood, Rosalyn Sanders, Matthew Rushing, Richard Witter, Amos J . Machanic Jr ., Guillermo Asca and Powell.
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