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  1. The people are the safest . . . lodgement of power.
  2. Bombers attacked both the lodgement and the reinforcements crossing the river.
  3. The situation turned severe with a massive shortage of food and lodgement.
  4. Increasingly, service providers offer electronic lodgement at the practice using EFTPOS.
  5. The lodgement on the north coast around Buna Gona.
  6. The primary role of the OEA was to accept the lodgement of collective agreements.
  7. After a month of fighting the French made a lodgement in the covered way.
  8. Deposit slips are produced when lodgements ( deposits ) are made to a bank account.
  9. Such battles were commonplace on every lodgement.
  10. Regiment erased the Italians'lodgement.
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