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  1. Another branch of lexicology, together with lexicography is phraseology.
  2. Words as units in the lexicon are the subject matter of lexicology.
  3. The work on computational lexicology quickly led to efforts in two additional directions.
  4. He specializes in Biblical philology, historical lexicology and the philosophy of language.
  5. There is some disagreement on the definition of lexicology, as distinct from lexicography.
  6. Let s face it, you are probably not trained in lexicology or lexicography.
  7. A prominent place in the Dmitriev's works held the questions of lexicology.
  8. The dictionary was published by the Lexicology Centre.
  9. Institute is active in academic fields of linguistics, lexicology, lexicography, grammar, and onomastics.
  10. He was also a director of the Institute for Yiddish Lexicology at the City University of New York.
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