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  1. Engaged in the research project of �� studies on the lanthanon stabilizer ��
  2. Catalytic synthesis of trichloro salicylic acid amyl ester by lanthanon solid superacid gd3 - so2 - 4 zro
  3. Through the study about lanthanon and trace element , we can obtain the guanghan claypan formation that has the homologous ingredient characteristic
  4. The sediment environment and matter sources of sediment in the area were determined through the study on distribution model figure of lanthanon in the core 1146
  5. From the study of lanthanon , we know that quart - vein is the single production of hydro mineralization . etch rock and mineralized rock are the mix outcome of hydro mineralization and wall rock materials
  6. The study covers regional geology , the physicochemical conditions of cu - ag polymetallic mineralization area , transport forms of copper and silver , the ore - forming geochemical mechanism of cu & ag , the geochemical characters of major element , trace element and lanthanon in mineralization field , the ore - forming age and geochemical mode , and so on
  7. In this paper we put fonvard the method of introducing the light and middling lanthanon into the tb - fe - co magneto - optical materials by taking advantage of the higher saturation magnetization intensity , higher anisotropy and higher magneto - optical effect of light and middling rare - earth . moreover the law and mechanism of how the addition affect the magneto - optical property of the films were discussed
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