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  1. It was the center of a Kampuchean empire stretching across southeast Asia.
  2. Again the Vietnamese withdrew and the Kampucheans resumed their attacks.
  3. Despite the ferocity of the Vietnamese retaliation, the Kampuchean Government remained defiant.
  4. The guerrilla forces of the party were baptized as the Kampuchean Revolutionary Army.
  5. The Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Party.
  6. The defeats prompted much of the Kampuchean leadership to evacuate towards the western region of the country.
  7. However, behind the scenes, Kampuchean leaders continued to fear what they perceived as Vietnamese expansionism.
  8. After a love affair with a Kampuchean medical student, she became pregnant and had a daughter.
  9. Vietnamese forces quickly counter-attacked, regaining their territory and invading the Kampuchean island of Koh Wai.
  10. Radio and television were under the direction of the Kampuchean Radio and Television Commission, created in 1983.
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