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  1. Le joueur de oud a envo�t?le public ?
  2. H�ctor Herrera was awarded " Meilleur joueur " as the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  3. James Rodr�guez won the " Meilleur joueur " award for the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  4. In June 2010, the French Internet game reviewer Fr�d�ric Molas lambasted the game on his show " Le Joueur du Grenier ".
  5. He began as a novelist and produced an autobiographical novel about his adolescence " le Joueur de triangle " ( The Triangle Player ).
  6. Herrera was a vital part in the Mexico squad that won the 2012 Toulon Tournament, and was awarded the Meilleur Joueur as the most outstanding player of the tournament.
  7. An argument cited to support this choice is that Philidor ( as reported by Lewis ) said, " ( Verdoni ) c'est le premier joueur en Europe apres moi ".
  8. It may be possible that his uncle ( also named Nicolas Leb�gue ), a " ma�tre joueur d'instrument ", played some role in Leb�gue's music education.
  9. Antoine Comte, the lawyer representing the heirs of Alphonse Kann, claims the Pompidou Center acquired " Le Joueur de Guitare " ( The Guitar Player ) in 1981 knowing of its murky wartime past.
  10. He created a number of parts that added to his popularity, especially Cardillac, Ducange's " Trente ans, ou la vie d'un joueur ", in which his vivid acting made a profound impression.
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