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  1. The company, at that time, was called Elders IXL.
  2. With the purchase of Tekna, iXL added a Richmond office.
  3. Friday was a rough day for Midtown-based iXL Enterprises.
  4. Casey was chief financial officer at RedCelsius before joining iXL Enterprises.
  5. IXL closed at $ 2.56, down 9 cents.
  6. Trends are with IXL, but there are no guarantees.
  7. Another advantage is iXL's position in the industry.
  8. Also named is Bert Ellis, founder of rapidly growing iXL Holding.
  9. IXL Enterprises hopes to spin off the unit into a separate company.
  10. iXL _ ixl stock continues to tumble to a 52 week low.
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