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  1. It ends with an indrawn breath, a sob on the verge of a crying jag.
  2. The disease causes coughing, gasping and choking spells that often end with a " whoop " of indrawn breath.
  3. Women's dress emphasized an " S " shape, with an indrawn stomach giving prominence to the posterior and bust.
  4. You watch the rain falling, the driver buckling the straps around the mother, her own stolid, indrawn expression, her grown children more or less assisting.
  5. As she described the performances, her long and beautiful fingers became a pair of amazing legs; then an indrawn hand became a face; then her palms spread wide to comment on the movement of a bird.
  6. Beneath the cloak, dementors are eyeless, and the only feature of note is the perpetually indrawn breath, by which they consume the emotions and good memories of human beings, forcing the victim to relive its worst memories alone.
  7. On June 13, ( in other sources 19 ) MTS President Andrey Dubovskov in his letter to prosecutor stated that MTS was indrawn to doubtful and illegal schemes of cashing money and tax evasion, and accused Akhmedov and other managers of MTS-Uzbekistan in dishonest management Also in the letter it was stated that MTS s headquarters is in concerns that Akhmedov does not come to work and hiding instead explaining conditions and eliminating violations.
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