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  1. By WILLIAM HONAN c . 1995 N . Y . Times News Service
  2. Honan worked as a housewife and businesswoman before becoming active in politics.
  3. Vivian Honan is one of Ashfield's notable losers.
  4. Honan joined the team during the All-Star award.
  5. Brian Burke returned as creative director, but Elizabeth Honan did not.
  6. Matthew Honan was employed as architect and James Pilkington contractor.
  7. Honan questioned why lawmakers want to abolish citizen lawsuits.
  8. Rena Honan of the Sierra Club told Republic reporters.
  9. And those who cannot create, Honan observes, often steal or destroy.
  10. But the examination, according to Honan's family, proved inconclusive.
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