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  1. Although a super alloy, Hastelloy experiences degradation due to fabricating and handling.
  2. Electropolishing or passivation of Hastelloy can improve corrosion resistance.
  3. Hastelloy ), and pre-drying the gas also helps to minimize corrosion.
  4. Suitable metals for equipment handling boron trifluoride include stainless steel, monel, and hastelloy.
  5. It also included preparation of standards for Hastelloy-N procurement and for component fabrication.
  6. This cracking could be reduced by adding small amounts of niobium to the Hastelloy-N.
  7. The higher valence fluorides are quite corrosive at high temperatures and require more resistant materials than Hastelloy.
  8. At the same time a program was launched to improve the resistance of Hastelloy-N to the embrittlement.
  9. These two elements were chosen as the main portion of Hastelloy-N, the material of the MSRE.
  10. Some modern superalloys, such as incoloy, inconel, and hastelloy, may consist of a multitude of different elements.
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