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  1. :: It is nearly impossible to shoot the hasp off.
  2. A wrought-iron hasp secures the door to the jamb.
  3. To do this, you can use HASP Envelope Utility.
  4. It allowed each HASP system to share a common spool and checkpoint.
  5. In MVS, HASP became JES2, one of two Job Entry Subsystems.
  6. Another more recent program is the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan ( HASP ).
  7. That would also explain using a cheap box without a sturdy latch or hasp.
  8. HASP was developed by scheduling, control of job flow, spooling and printing / punching.
  9. Over 350 copies of the HASP II V4 shared spool mods were distributed around the world.
  10. One student uses a lockout hasp and padlock to safely lock a message in a box.
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