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  1. The palette of increasing desperation is dark but also enticingly sexy.
  2. An enticingly lacquered squab suffers from dryness, however.
  3. Koenig is brought to the reception hall where an enticingly-gowned Elizia awaits.
  4. It is much sought after for its enticingly scented fruit that it bears underground.
  5. Wild turkeys are smaller, leaner, with denser flesh and an enticingly sweet gaminess.
  6. To Martin, Eli is enticingly irresponsible.
  7. Yet another driving force is that home electronics manufacturers have made it enticingly easy for consumers.
  8. Next he passes a plate of tiny, fragrant sauteed frogs'legs enticingly beneath your nose.
  9. Griffin observed as Gus, 800 pounds, tried to fit his nose into an enticingly sticky knothole.
  10. With people persuaded the Fed would act, a bond rally has taken yields enticingly close to record lows.
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