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  1. The killers left more than 70 earless corpses strewn among burning huts.
  2. Phocids are known as true or " earless " seals.
  3. It belongs to the earless owl genus " Strix ".
  4. Either it is'the one who is earless'or'large eared '.
  5. It is sometimes referred to as the "'western earless lizard " '.
  6. "' Earless lizards "'are two habitats of the southwestern United States and Mexico.
  7. Other than occasional vagrants, among the seals only the Phocidae, or earless seals, are represented.
  8. These rare, blind, earless carnivores spend most of their time underground; little is known about them.
  9. Eyeless, earless, brainless, they pulse in primitive slow-motion, trailing frilly, venomous tentacles behind.
  10. The WildEarth Guardians are also behind the petition to list the Spot-Tailed Earless Lizard under the Endangered Species Act.
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