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  1. Lady Fforde said she had no regrets over selling her earldom.
  2. The Earldom of Carrick existed as early as the twelfth century.
  3. In 1072, William expelled Gospatric from the earldom of Northumbria.
  4. Thereafter, the Earldoms of Elgin and Kincardine have remained united.
  5. The Earldom is named after the River South Esk in Angus.
  6. His successors have borne the English earldom of March since then.
  7. When he died in 1643 the viscountcy and earldom became extinct.
  8. However, on his death the viscountcy and earldom became extinct.
  9. Walter Devereux was raised to the earldom of Essex in 1572.
  10. In 1807 the earldom of Lonsdale was revived in his favour.
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