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  1. Those Bruins looked like they had been prepped with Demerol.
  2. He hit bottom in 1979, adding Demerol injections to his menu.
  3. Now he orders a smidgen of Demerol to take off the edge.
  4. His wife, Dorothy, had anorexia and was addicted to Demerol.
  5. The pain made the Demerol evaporate like sweat on a sidewalk in hell.
  6. I was still in a haze from the morning's shot of Demerol.
  7. First, it was percocet, then Demerol, then Vicoden, then morphine.
  8. Sanofi Pharmaceuticals tries to guard against the misuse of Demerol by controlling its distribution.
  9. Hospital administrators realized then that injectable Demerol was being taken improperly from the hospital.
  10. Drugs like Demerol and Valium are often used.
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