dacoit sentence in Hindi

"dacoit" meaning in Hindi  


  1. At least 30 passengers were injured as the dacoits attacked them.
  2. Phoolan was the only woman member of that gang of dacoits.
  3. Later, a group of dacoits raid Baiju's village.
  4. The dacoits arrive and kill him for entering their secret cave.
  5. Yamini informs Rocky about the deaths, blaming it on dacoits.
  6. Meanwhile, his wife and child were attacked by a dacoit.
  7. Many dacoits were gunned down by his revolver at that time.
  8. The son assures the mother, and confronts the dacoits courageously.
  9. Nilakkal was ravaged by attacks from dacoits led by Fakhuruddin Polygar.
  10. He advises the dacoits to become righteous warriors ( kshatriyas ).
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