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  1. It is mentioned that " compartmentalisation " is the UK usage.
  2. There should be no compartmentalisation as this would disrupt growth and change.
  3. This compartmentalisation makes it easier for the examiner to systematize and map.
  4. It is the intracellular compartmentalisation of Mg 2 + in plant cells that leads to additional complexity.
  5. Alternatively the protein and its gene can be co-localised by compartmentalisation in living cells or emulsion droplets.
  6. Provenzano's new guidelines were patience, compartmentalisation, coexistence with state institutions, and systematic infiltration of public finance.
  7. The most surprising find was the apparent compartmentalisation of the town that could have more than a thousand permanent inhabitants at its peak.
  8. The Medium Mark B and the Mark VIII had introduced compartmentalisation to reduce the debilitating effects of engine noise and fumes on the crew.
  9. Dissemination of already protectively marked material may be further limited only to those with a legitimate " need to know " using compartmentalisation by use of codewords.
  10. The Americans had become suspicious that the British were seeking commercial advantages after the war, and compartmentalisation similar to the one that the British had imposed on radar.
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