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  1. The clypeus may have some punctures and is squarish with parallel sides.
  2. They have as typical characteristics a usually rounded head and a bilobed clypeus.
  3. Clypeus is yellowish and completely covered of white hairs.
  4. The middle front head region called the anterior clypeus is also comparatively extended.
  5. The antennae and tarsi are red, and the mandibles and clypeus is yellow.
  6. The Chilocorini differ from the Scymnini by their greatly expanded endplates ( clypeus ).
  7. Its clypeus has a straight ventral margin that does not project over its mandibles.
  8. The ants have large, triangular mandibles with three apical teeth and a flat clypeus.
  9. The clypeus is long with two black lines extending from the base of the middle anterior eyes.
  10. The beetles have rich glossy brown elytra and clypeus, and clawed legs covered in multiple barbs.
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