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  1. Definitions of the terms " phylloclade " and " cladode " vary.
  2. The cladodes are long with 10 to 14 teeth.
  3. In April, they tunnel farther into the cladode.
  4. The cladodes of the plant would nourish and hydrate the zebu cattle they tended.
  5. The cladodes are segmented, and the true leaves are tiny teeth encircling each joint.
  6. Larvae are gregarious within the cladode, and may feed in several clododes to complete development.
  7. Young larvae hollow out a small cell under the epidermis near the margin of the cladode.
  8. Larvae of the first generation are gregarious and bore into young cladodes of the host plant.
  9. By this definition, some of the most leaf-like structures are cladodes, rather than phylloclades.
  10. Later instars tunnel in the cladodes and final instars may tunnel into the underground parts of the host plant.
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