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  1. A . Try cladding the sill in aluminum and painting that.
  2. Cladding on the inside allows finishing of wood on the interior.
  3. In Materials Science and Engineering, explosives are used in cladding.
  4. The building facade features grey granite, glass and aluminum cladding.
  5. Exterior cladding is horizontal 1 " by 6 " wooden siding.
  6. This causes the cladding to become embrittled, instead of ductile.
  7. Insulation was added behind the metal boxes in the cladding units.
  8. The northern addition has chamferboard external cladding which has been rendered.
  9. Railings on the street have shapes similar to the cladding panels.
  10. The main building has a corrugated fibro roof with weatherboard cladding.
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