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  1. A short animation showing the mechanism of chymotrypsin is linked here.
  2. This approach was first applied to the hydrolysis reaction catalysed by chymotrypsin.
  3. Prolyl isomerase activity was first discovered using a chymotrypsin-based assay.
  4. Chymotrypsin C is a member of the peptidase S1 family.
  5. It is sensitive to trypsin but resistant to chymotrypsin, papain and pronase.
  6. This antigen is sensitive to trypsin but resistant to chymotrypsin and Endo F.
  7. These included myoglobin, hemoglobin and chymotrypsin, the last by David Blow.
  8. It does not inhibit ?-chymotrypsin or thrombin.
  9. All members of the chymotrypsin family of serine proteases have very similar structures.
  10. He then did a similar experiment with alpha chymotrypsin.
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