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  1. Some theorists state that Chymes is the eponymous founder of alchemy.
  2. The album was released on the CHYME label in 1977.
  3. The first receptacle for this chyme is the duodenal bulb.
  4. The intestines are cleaned and skinned, but the chyme is left inside.
  5. The end product is food broken down into chyme.
  6. Unlike peristalsis, segmentation actually can slow progression of chyme through the system.
  7. The remaining chyme is passed to the colon.
  8. With a pH of approximately 2, chyme emerging from the stomach is very acidic.
  9. After an hour or two, a thick semi-liquid called chyme is produced.
  10. Others authors such as Komarios, and Chymes, we only know through fragments of text.
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