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  1. NOTE : El Charco is about 105 miles south of Acapulco.
  2. People from surrounding villages continue to trek to El Charco.
  3. It was not immediately clear how many people live in El Charco.
  4. The June 7 shootings at El Charco brought the EPR back into focus.
  5. In the west is the lagoon of Charco Verde.
  6. Tourists may explore the flora and fauna found in the Charco Verde Nature Reserve.
  7. Brincando el charco es una pel�cula del a�o 1994 por Frances Negr�n-Muntaner.
  8. An Army patrol stood by on a nearby bluff overlooking El Charco, maintaining watch.
  9. On Sunday, Army soldiers fought for six hours against EPR rebels in El Charco.
  10. He also made copies of these for the community of Charco de Pantoja in Morole�n.
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