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  1. Below are some of the treatment options for individuals with cardiomegaly:
  2. Having struggled with obesity throughout his life, he died from cardiomegaly.
  3. Cardiomegaly is a condition affecting the cardiovascular system, specifically the heart.
  4. Treatments for cardiomegaly include a combination of medication treatment and medical / surgical procedures.
  5. Ventricular remodeling may include ventricular hypertrophy, ventricular dilation, cardiomegaly, and other changes.
  6. "' Dilated cardiomyopathy "'is the most common type of cardiomegaly.
  7. For many people cardiomegaly is asymptomatic.
  8. Prevention of cardiomegaly starts with detection.
  9. Conversely, patients with unexplained new onset cardiomegaly should always be worked up for acute pericarditis.
  10. In November 1994, Alexander was rushed into hospital and diagnosed with cardiomegaly ( an enlarged heart ).
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