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  1. Cardiolipin is a unique dimeric phosphoglycerolipid predominantly present in mitochondrial membranes.
  2. Cardiolipin ( CL ) is a kind of diphosphatidylglycerol lipid.
  3. Two phosphatidylglycerols form cardiolipin, the constituent molecule of the mitochondrial inner membrane.
  4. This is a family of proteins that acts as a mitochondrial phosphatase in cardiolipin biosynthesis.
  5. In yeast mitochondria lacking cardiolipin, the number of enzymes forming respiratory supercomplexes was significantly reduced.
  6. Thus, this PLS3-induced redistribution of cardiolipin during apoptosis has major effects on mitochondrial function.
  7. Cardiolipin contains four fatty acids rather than two, and may help to make the inner membrane impermeable.
  8. Additionally, TIM14 helps regulate mitochondrial morphology by complexing with prohibitins to perform disphosphoglycerolipid cardiolipin ( CL ) remodeling.
  9. As there are four distinct alkyl chains in cardiolipin, the potential for complexity of this molecule species is enormous.
  10. The ATPase function of MgtA is highly cardiolipin dependent and has been shown to detect free magnesium in the ?M range
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