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"brines" meaning in Hindi  


  1. 20 la-lot leaves or grape leaves, packed in brine
  2. When they are, refrigerate them, still in the brine.
  3. 1 cup pitted and chopped brine-cured black or purple olives
  4. Discipline and control are the key to brining us back unscathed,
  5. Pour in the brine, making sure it covers the turkey.
  6. I prefer the quick Swedish method of curing duck in brine.
  7. Kept refrigerated in the brine they will keep for several months.
  8. Alice Waters of Chez Panisse also has brined pork and poultry.
  9. Grace helped this time, and my husband prepared the brine.
  10. Put your turkey into the brine and refrigerate for 24 hours.
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