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  1. Don't use berried juniper in a homemade arrangement.
  2. There's a single tree, a red-berried rowan or mountain ash.
  3. Synonyms for the white-berried mutation Carignan blanc include : Feher Carignan and Karinjan.
  4. I look for the berried kind.
  5. Since this period lasts 10 11 months, berried females can be found at any time of year.
  6. If a berried shrimp is stressed by predators or poor water conditions she may also abandon the eggs.
  7. But he liked Berried Treasure so much, reported Corey, that he chased the plate around the kitchen.
  8. A good cabernet can be spicy, deeply berried and have touches of chocolate or green pepper in the nose.
  9. Reproduction occurs in summer, as shown by the occurrence of " berried " ( egg-bearing ) females.
  10. Diseases associated with this genus include : GLRaV-7 : symptomless in white-berried grapevine cultivar from Albania.
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