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  1. Note that the Bernoulli principle doesn't explain the following three things:
  2. The Bernoulli principle is not the only mechanic in generating ground effect downforce.
  3. There is so much nonsense talked about how the Bernoulli principle makes airplanes fly.
  4. The novels have embedded in them little lectures or mini-seminars on, say, the Bernoulli principle, voice-recognition software or medieval jousting etiquette . ..
  5. The reason the ships are drawn together is is a Venturi effect situation ( which is a special condition of the Bernoulli principle ).
  6. NEW SCIENTIST : Aircraft engineers agree that both the Bernoulli principle and Newton's third law help to explain lift . Why can't both explanations be right?
  7. This is "'definitely "'the bernoulli principle-people have known that this is the cause of the effect that you describe for at least a couple of hundred years.
  8. Seykota maintains a website in which, while he does not deny the validity of the Bernoulli principle, he considers it to be misapplied, claiming that these misapplications are bad physics.
  9. Both Newton's laws and the Bernoulli principle are correct, but, Dr . Eberhardt said, " My experience with teaching nontechnical people, boy, Newton is a heck of a lot easier ."
  10. ANDERSON : The standard explanation is based on the Bernoulli principle and goes like this : when an airplane is in flight, air flows faster over the top, curved surface of a wing.
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