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  1. The ascendency of administrative research provided an effective foil for critics.
  2. To appreciate Price's ascendency is to examine the recent statistics.
  3. Bill Ford said Tuesday in the midst of his ascendency.
  4. Fighting continued throughout Khurasan with the Abbasids gaining increasing ascendency.
  5. After the wedding, Nur Jehan quickly gained ascendency over her husband.
  6. Satan's hosts gain the ascendency in the battle.
  7. Kumbela was exiled, but Lungshar failed to gain ascendency.
  8. Kasarib gains the ascendency over him and learns the secret.
  9. Originally most farmhouses are inherited by parents of Gozitan ascendency.
  10. His rather shaky political ascendency was reinforced by circumstances.
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