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  1. Addlepated service was a discordant note.
  2. And finally, they bring this mass of addlepated wishful thinking to Wikipedia . talk ) 19 : 22, 20 April 2008 ( UTC)
  3. On their show, which began on NBC in 1932 and lasted until 1950, Burns cultivated Miss Allen's characterization of the addlepated nitwit.
  4. He is currently working on his show entitled " The Addlepated Nixie " with the graduating class of performance arts at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton Alberta.
  5. Spouting Spoonerisms, Taylor became known under the full name Colonel Lemuel Q . Stoopnagle as the partners appeared in several different formats on CBS, creating a variety of voices for their crazy characters, addlepated antics and wacky interviews.
  6. Foster is at the height of her early confidence ( this was the same year as " Taxi Driver " ) and, I'm sorry, but Harris is just hot as an addlepated mom pitching strikes in a Little League game.
  7. It's not quite the same idea, but then again this film, directed with more attitude than discipline by Rob Schmidt from an addlepated script by Larry Gross, mopes along without a thought in its head, confusing its own vacuity with the alienation of its characters.
  8. For comic relief _ again, it's a Disney film _ Silver's parrot has morphed into Morph, a cute, blobby familiar who can shapeshift, while the part of island castaway Ben Gunn is now played by addlepated robot B . E . N . and voiced by Martin Short in full-on Ed Grimley mode.
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