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  1. It lives on the surface of wood sunken to abyssal depths.
  2. Abyssal storms arise suddenly and sweep along the base of the escarpment.
  3. Unsurprisingly, this material is used almost exclusively by the Abyssal Exalted.
  4. Probably the most important ecological characteristic of abyssal ecosystems is energy limitation.
  5. The area below the abyssal zone is the sparsely inhabited hadal zone.
  6. Astriaal's lyrics deal with Abyssal Theology, Nature and Misanthropy.
  7. At the Eastern end of the rift is the abyssal Bounty Fan.
  8. In 2015 via Code666 they released " Abyssal Gods ".
  9. This community lives in or near marine abyssal depths.
  10. Some species have colonized abyssal depths near hydrothermal vents.
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