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  1. She is shown on statues of Ramesses from Abukir and Heliopolis.
  2. Bonaparte ordered an attack on 25 July and the Battle of Abukir ensued.
  3. He failed to Ottoman amphibious invasion at Abukir.
  4. In 1935 she was renamed " Abukir " and registered in Egypt.
  5. The British decided instead to land an army under Sir Ralph Abercromby at Abukir Bay.
  6. Keith sailed from Marmarice on 22 February, arriving off Abukir Bay on 2 March.
  7. He was wounded at the debarkation of the troops at Abukir on 21 March 1801.
  8. He was the Uncle of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, was an Battle of Abukir in 1799.
  9. Other sources place this event as occurring in Alexandria, Egypt during the Battle of Abukir when Marmont was in Alexandria.
  10. The Royal Navy captured her in 1798 at Abukir and took her into service as HMS " Torride ".
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