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  1. "business cowboys " and even " scoundrelly ."
  2. In " Bhayanak Aadmi " ( Imran Series no . 4 ), Imran dealt with a mysterious smuggler of Shadab Nagar in his own style, which was dismissed by Mr . Rahman as a " non-detective, scoundrelly approach ".
  3. Mike McArtor explained whether the book was aimed at just the rogue class, or to characters in general : " The book takes a broader aim for the most part, allowing all classes the chance to act a little scoundrelly from time to time ( yes, even paladins ! ).
  4. Analysis of the medicine revealed its active ingredient to be nothing more than additional morphine, packed with a bottle of pink whiskey " to mix with the morphin [ sp ] when it gets low . " Adams referred to Allport as a " [ quack ] who pretend [ s ] to be a physician, " is " no less scoundrelly, " and " is even more dangerous " than other fraudulent addiction cure peddlers mentioned earlier in the book.


  1. lacking principles or scruples; "the rascally rabble"; "the tyranny of a scoundrelly aristocracy" - W.M. Thackaray; "the captain was set adrift by his roguish crew"
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