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  1. But unlike a scheme of arrangement it is not a standalone process.
  2. The 1885 scheme of arrangement sold it to the GWR and MR for ?77, 300.
  3. Schemes of arrangement are regulated under the Companies Ordinance.
  4. Through a scheme of arrangement and transfer, its domicile was transferred from England to Malaysia.
  5. Specifically, the rationalisation exercise involves, among others, a scheme of arrangement between UCM and its shareholders.
  6. We had an agreed scheme of arrangement in place and we are just seeking to protect that,
  7. Bond Corporation entered a scheme of arrangement in 1991, with receivers taking charge of Bell Group and Bell Resources.
  8. A scheme of arrangement with its creditors was agreed in 1885, but the line continued in difficult financial circumstances.
  9. It also holds 25.04 percent of Metway converting preference shares, which it may use to block the scheme of arrangement.
  10. Cattles was acquired by Bovess Limited on 28 February 2011, as part of a High Court sanctioned scheme of arrangement.
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