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  1. "We'll look at that schematically,"
  2. We draw the layer lines schematically without showing their true thicknesses.
  3. They don't schematically change much from one to the other.
  4. A typical AES setup is shown schematically in figure 2.
  5. The mechanism of the lambda type trapping is schematically presented in figure.
  6. The figure to the right shows the functional principle schematically.
  7. Blue arrows show schematically flow lines in the water above the bed.
  8. Kansas City and Miami did things schematically against them,
  9. Schematically polymers are subdivided into biopolymers and synthetic polymers according to their origin.
  10. Schematically, the construction in the theorem above can be described as follows.
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  1. in a schematic manner; "schematically outlined"
  2. in a schematic manner; "schematically outlined"

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