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• कगार ढाल
scarp:    प्रपात
slope:    झुकाव ढलान ढाल
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  1. The wood is a beech plantation on a chalk scarp slope and plateau.
  2. Caburn is unusual within the South Downs for having a south-facing scarp slope.
  3. There is plenty of evidence of chalk extraction on the Downs particularly along the scarp slope.
  4. The boundary of the hills is clearly defined on the north west side by the scarp slope.
  5. The steep scarp slope overlooking the Dearne Valley south of the village contains the remains of horse gin.
  6. "' Batcombe "'is a small straggling village and scarp slope of the Dorset Downs.
  7. To the north and west, this plateau terminates in steep and, in places, cliffy scarp slopes.
  8. Running in parallel at the foot of the scarp slope is another more ancient route, the Pilgrims Way.
  9. One flank of the strike ridge is a steep slope cutting across several bedrock layers ( antidip or scarp slope ).
  10. Talus flatirons lie within the scarp slope & ndash; and pediment flatirons occur within the transition zone between scarp and foreland.
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