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• प्रपात
• समुत्प्रपात
• खाई प्रवण
• सीधी ढाल
• कगार
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  1. The scarped sides of the trenches are covered with geocomposite panels.
  2. The sides of the knoll may have been scarped.
  3. In 1267, scarped to increase their angle, all producing a small but powerful fortification.
  4. The glacier ends in a sharply scarped lobe about half-way up the 18-mile valley.
  5. Southward the mountains descend, often in scarped ledges, to an elevated plateau devoid of perennial rivers.
  6. The selected building site allowed for it be to natural hill scarped and ditched, producing the motte.
  7. The beach is mostly backed by scarped calcarenite bluffs to the east and unstable dunes to the west.
  8. It has a small subdivision just northeast of that confluence named the "'Scarped Range " '.
  9. At the extreme northwest a dry moat has been scarped to sever the fortress from the rest of the outcrop.
  10. The upper sections were pulled down, but the scarped ground floor and part of the first floor were retained.
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