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  1. Cheese-maker gourmet and political figure Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.
  2. Brillat-Savarin is produced all year round in Burgundy and Normandy.
  3. There Michael is befriended by a former teacher, Savarin.
  4. Douglas said at a joint news conference with Freedom Party leader Charles Savarin.
  5. Famous chefs did it : Brillat-Savarin.
  6. The Freedom Party, led by trade union leader Charles Savarin controls four seats.
  7. In 1986, Savarin was appointed Ambassador / Permanent Representative to the European Union.
  8. Savarin took a leave of absence from his corporation job to run for the election.
  9. On Monday, Savarin said he was going to appeal the judge's ruling.
  10. Savarin entered into a coalition arrangement with the Roosie Douglas-led Dominica Labour Party.
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  1. a sponge cake baked in a ring mold

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